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If you have attempted innovation before and it didn’t work, the best thing you can do is to understand why. Also, if you are starting to work on your organisation’s innovation, you need to know where you stand. Our innovation self-assessment is based on years of innovation management practice and in-depth academic research into innovation capabilities. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all so we can offer you a range of tools to choose from:

  • a simple online survey you can fill-in online yourself
  • a qualitative + quantitative survey for your whole team, or
  • a combination of survey and confidential Skype or phone interviews with our experienced innovation researchers


Our innovation capabilities self-assessment will give you answers to the following questions:

  • do we have a sufficiently developed innovation vision and if not, which elements are missing?
  • how can our innovation strategy and planning be improved?
  • what are the strong and weak points of our innovation process?
  • which parts of our organisational culture work well, and which should be improved?
  • what are our current networking and partnering weak spots and opportunities?

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Most successful organisations fall into the trap of following the old paths and routines. This seems to make sense as these are the very things that made them successful once. However, there is nothing more valuable that taking a fresh look at the organisation from the perspective of mega trends happening in the world. The question is: will the changes going on in the world prove to be opportunities or threats for your organisation?

  • how will technological progress affect your field?
  • what will be the impact of societal changes on your organisation’s future?
  • how should the growing environmental challenges influence your strategy?
  • which economic trends should you take into account in your strategies?
  • how can you use the globally changing behaviours to your advantage?


We can help you:

  • zoom out and map the most important megatrends that will affect your organisation in the coming 1-2 decades
  • estimate their probability and potential impact for your organisation
  • identify potential resulting risks and think about the ways to turn them around
  • more importantly, by out-of-the-box thinking, come up with opportunities that these megatrends could bring you

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Have you ever asked yourself a question about what your organisation is really good at and what does it really stand for? Typically, what you might believe you know perfectly well turns out to be a different picture when you approach this question in a structured way and ask it to multiple persons in (and potentially even outside) your organisation.

  • what is your organisation’s core competence?
  • how good is it compared to peers / competitors?
  • what are the other, often non obvious things your organisation is good at?
  • what values do your people stand for?


A clear mapping of your organisation’s core competences and values will:

  • uncover the competences you should absolutely focus on keeping and mastering even further
  • reveal what your people are really about
  • help you align your organisation’s strategy, core competences and your values for the best results

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If you think bringing people into a room and telling them to brainstorm will lead you to the next big thing – think twice. Typical isolated brainstorms just don’t work. What does work wonders is managing your ideation process from start to finish. And not making it all too serious either. Innovation should be fun! We had experimented with countless alternative ideation methods and techniques and while we are not alphas and omegas, by now we do have a good feeling of what works well, and what doesn’t. Typical questions we get asked:

  • who should participate in the ideation process?
  • how many people should you involve?
  • how long does it take?
  • how many ideas should you expect as a result? (a spoiler: tons, if you are doing it correctly)
  • how to select the best ideas?
  • what to do next?


A well designed and executed ideation process will:

  • boost your organisation’s spirit
  • bring in oxygen, fun, enthusiasm and life-force back to your organisation
  • make your people feel more valued, more motivated and simply happier
  • most importantly, generate new opportunities for growth

Ideation is our very favourite part of innovation - let us help!


While innovation is partially art, it is also partially science. Is your innovation process working seamlessly from idea generation to project delivery? You don’t aways need software to manage your innovation stage-gate process, but you do always need a well working way to do it. We help you (re)design and implement an innovation process that suits the size and complexity of your organisation. Bureaucracy sucks, so whether you are a startup with a small but creative team or a multinational organisation, we can help you develop an innovation process that work great for you specifically.

  • do your people know what to do with new ideas?
  • does everyone know who is responsible for what in the innovation process?
  • how do you concretise the current innovation process so that innovation becomes a standard in your organisation?
  • how do you implement clear measures and tracking tools, underpinned by clear and relevant KPIs?
  • how do you make the progress reviews of innovation activities more substantial?


Even a very simplified but a well working innovation stage-gate process:

  • makes ideation more common by making the steps to follow clear for everyone
  • ensures that no good idea is lost or forgotten
  • assigns clear responsibilities for innovation across the organisation
  • makes innovation everyone’s business
  • makes innovation part of daily routines

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Does your organisation have many innovative business ideas and projects, but extremely limited time, expertise and financial resources to systematically assess, compare and select the best of them for implementation and monitor them for results? If so, we dare to say that you might be operating “in the darkness”, selecting your next innovation projects and managing them based on gut feeling and best intentions. Consequently, we bet you are often losing out on best innovation opportunities, wasting your precious time on projects doomed to fail, inhibiting new business development efforts. In the worst cases, you might be even failing to invest in the most promising ideas that would secure your growth or even survival. Professional innovation portfolio management support can dramatically improve this picture. We can help you:

  • select the most suitable criteria for innovation projects’ assessment
  • implement our Limitless Innovation Portfolio Management(TM) tool to visualise and monitor the portfolio of innovation projects
  • design the accompanying supporting process
  • pilot the portfolio management tool for your existing innovation projects


Innovation portfolio management is essential if you are managing multiple R&D / innovation projects:

  • statistics show that “highly effective organizations (…) are 3x more likely to understand portfolio management practices than those in minimally effective ones” (PMI).
  • Portfolio management allows for making informed decisions on how to prioritise projects and clarifies the forecasts for the portfolio as a whole. As a result, it enhances innovation capacity of the client. Indeed, “62% of projects at organizations that described themselves as highly effective in portfolio management met or exceeded expected ROI” (PMI).
  • These benefits are boosted when supported by a software application.  Indeed, “highly effective organizations are nearly 5x more likely than minimally effective ones to frequently use formal prioritization tools, and 2x as likely to have software designed specifically to support portfolio management” (PMI).

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Your organisation might be working great but how do you bring it to the next level? We help you innovate your business model to be able to scale:

  • map your core competences
  • assess your current business / operating model
  • get inspired by tens of different business / operating model types and map them to your own context
  • creatively find ways to leverage your core competences in new ways so that whatever it is you are offering could be done on a much larger scale


We promise to:

  • get yourself and your people out of the current ways of thinking about your business / operating model
  • open up the world of limitless opportunities when it comes to scaling up that what you do best
  • help you take the first steps to grow and expand your activities

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