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In mature economies that depend on thought leadership and (largely service-based) cutting-edge solutions, innovation is one of the few ways to address main societal challenges, fight competition and commoditization. Learning how to be innovative has become the very key to organisational success, and often survival, these days.That applies to all kinds of organisations, from international non-profits to commercial start-ups.

Still, many organisations are struggling with how to make innovation happen. Outdated approaches to innovation cannot guarantee success anymore, and when it comes to innovation,  leaders must know how to act quickly, apply relevant strategic innovation approaches, methods and tools that help them and their employees become as creative, smart, and focused as possible to strengthen the organisations’s capability to innovate. While generating good ideas is often a problem, this is only the beginning of the issue. Without effective implementation, ideas alone are worthless. What defines innovation is turning those concepts into successful products, services, policies, process or business model improvements.

The good news is that innovation can be learned: managers and experts alike can acquire the main skills, tools and techniques needed to generate, develop, test and execute innovative ideas. Organisational leaders must make sure that their people (from top management and junior level employees) are trained to generate the best quality ideas and assist with their execution. Investing in innovation capability is one of the best investments an organisation can make because innovation is not something that can be outsourced, postponed or downplayed.

That is why innovation management trainings have become some of the most demanded courses of all the major universities and executive education providers around the world.


Our aim is supporting leaders, executives, managers, experts (middle to senior level staff) to learn the skills and techniques on how to innovate, and obtain the right mindset to create a culture of innovation in their organisations where their staff or colleagues can come up with innovative ideas easier and take those ideas further.

Our 2-days innovation bootcamp guides participants step by step with techniques, tools and best practices during the main stages of the innovation process from idea generation to idea implementation. Our approach guarantees that participants leave our innovation bootcamp with hands-on knowledge, concrete tools, techniques and templates, energetic and positive attitude, and a mindset that will boost their creative performance and the innovativeness of their organisation.

Included in the training fee we explain and provide access to our Limitless Innovation ToolboxTM.


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The sessions will be delivered in English by a mix of innovation practitioners with international experience in both innovation consulting and management, as well as trainers with solid academic background in innovation. Moreover, besides learning from our highly reputed innovation experts, by attending the bootcamp, participants will be able to:

  • Gain new skills, strategies and tools ready to immediately apply to innovate in their company,
  • Learn proven and concrete techniques that can be used during the whole cycle of the innovation process,
  • Build a valuable network of peers – especially valuable in the small Luxembourgish business community,
  • Immerse in the innovation concepts together with people from various industries and sizes of organisations (we are firm believers that diversity is a fertile soil for awakening your creativity and for facilitating synergies),
  • Make their employees and/or colleagues more engaged in the innovation process,
  • Get the right mindset to make innovation happen and add value to the organisation,
  • Gain tutorial of and access to the Limitless Innovation ToolboxTM
  • Showcase their ambitions and demonstrate their skills and leadership with a certificate in innovation management.

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